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Blue Sky Impacts Moon, Skype Tumbls Autistic Tweets

Lunar eclips and impact already happend, 3D printed space food (not), Yahoo buys Tumblr, two factor authentication, BitTorrent Sync, and much, much more.

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Privacy Concerns? The EFF Has Your Back!

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is the first line of defense when our digital freedoms come under attack. A non-profit detected to “Defending your rights in the digital world” – this episode of GeekSpeak Dan Auerbach, Staff Technologist at the EFF joins Lyle Troxell to cover GeekNews and talk about human rights in the digital age.

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Stealing Cash, Bikes, and Spectrum from Virtual Machines

Virtual computer systems, monitoring, stealing cash using cash cards, bike planning is good, iOS tape cassette app, Maker Faire this month, and more when James Dennis, Director of Engineering of Catbird, joins Lyle on this episode of GeekSpeak.

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Dale Questions 3D Gun Robots at Mach 5

Lyle is alone in this episode of GeekSpeak – covering UN suggestions about robot overlords, Google loves Palestine, printing guns in your home, Facebook lawsuit, many phone calls – and some web update news.

This episode was dedicated to Dale Owen, who we will miss at KUSP. If you do not love classical music – go watch this Benjamin Zander’s TED talk about loving Classical music.