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Vienna Teng - Music, Geek

When a coder turns singer-songwriter, does her geekiness still show through? Resident Geek Ben Jaffe talks to Vienna Teng about her new album, Aims, and its geeky underbelly.

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Time Travel Geek Style: The Year in Review

The Tech in 2013 that will matter from here on out.

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Google's Shopping Robot Learns to Code

Chromecast, Google Privacy and bots, Sprint, T-mobile, AT&T vs net10, Yahoo! outage, Twitter’s new Crisis Alerts and more GeekSpeak news. And Learn to Code!

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Drone Hacking Warp Drives

Lyle and Brian discuss Hacking Philosophy, semi autonomous drones, Microsoft implies the government is a threat and NASA is testing an actual F.T.L. warp drive theory?

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BitCoins Explained, TSA, Moon Rights, Filter Bubble

The TSA is statistically about 50% correct, China to send a rover to the moon, breaking the filter bubble, and how BitCoin really works.
Ben and Lyle loved this episode!

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Bitcoins and Cat Cannons Break Ground

The Geeks convince themselves they are no threat to security and report on TruCrypt’s impending security audit. Also bitcoins’ value spike, the impending new Apple HQ, the uses for identifying someone by how they type, cats as the most useful memonic, why you would want vein-vision glasses, teeny tiny satelites and how to launch them, and bicycle navigation.

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Phones: Carriers, OSs, Security, Privacy, Driving, and Government

The Geeks cover various aspects of cell phones and how we interact with them — baseband hackability, OS choices, grappling with carriers, towers, and the dangers of using smart phone features while driving.

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Knife-Wielding Android Goes Supernova

Perils befall the internet Archive, perils reduce with driverless cars, and the Geeks would like to imperil AT&T. And then there’s more.

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SQRLs Protect Wine from Google's Crypto-Virus Boat

What is in the SF Bay from Google? A new boxed wine for your bottles. Post Halloween Magnets, Cryptolocker virus is scary!!! And Lyle valiantly tries to explain SQRL and how it will replace passwords.

Bonnie notices how much Lyle has become a Google-Freak.

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Vegas Farming Conference Upgrades Spudger

Non-planned guest Masumi Hayashi-Smith shares some soil knowledge. We chat about theater, beer foaming, learning to code with Code.org, Firefox OS awesomeness and much more.

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Submersible Car Drones On about Skydiving, Mosquitos, & Spaaace

Get vertigo as the Geeks discuss fossilized mosquitos, water on space objects, space objects in water, cars underwater and in the air, what it looks like to plummet to earth from 9 minutes up, mapping the Materhorn, and other dizzying subjects

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Lavabit Touches Passwords with Solar-Powered CAT Scanner

Lavabit stands against the FBI, largest solar power plant goes live, cave women were the artists, and all the reasons why your passwords don’t work.

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Tesla Bristles at Flaming Plutonium Shortage

At NASA, The Problem is the Plutonium shortage. AT KUSP, it’s how best to encourage listeners to offer financial support to the station. One problem is hard to solve; the other could be easy…

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Gnu Teaches Robots to not Google and Drive

High School teacher and Ben’s father, Roger Jaffe, joins us for this fun episode of GeekSpeek.

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Email Onions and Eat Insects

Disgust, insect protein, onions on sale and other things that disturb.

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Cops Hack Journalists During Interstellar Self-Driving Cab Ride

Voyager and Windows XP leaving, police hacking software, iPhone fingerprints, Cassettes turn 50, and more tech news with Lindsey, Lyle, and Brian.

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Authentic Prototype Encryption Authorizes 3D Tools

A primer on ‘authentication’ vs ‘authorization’; wearable tech & other exciting designs to check out (like SpaceX 3D rocket design toolkit); and our listeners ask for tips (photo management & watermarking)…and offer them (for failing headphones).

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Preempted Geekiness

Alas, GeekSpeak was preempted this week for a Syrian update from NPR and President Oboma. Here is what we would have covered in 7min.

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Multitasking Australians Thrown for a Hyperloop

Discussion of Hyperloop and how it works, sea level dropped due to rain in Australia, Highschool 3D printers, and more with Bonnie, Lyle, and Guest Kelly O’Brien host of KUSP’s program Life in the Fast Lane

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Brainwaves Mapping the TARDIS while Google Bounces Batteries to Mars

Can you detect the charge of a battery by bouncing it? Outbrain got hacked, SF Chronicle drops paywall, TARDIS map, Google outage and more GeekNews in this packed episode of GeekSpeak.

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Lightroom, NSA Reforms, Mars Poetry

Digital Photography File Management with Adobe Lightroom product manager Sharad Mangalick joins the Geeks to cover GeekNews of the week and talk about photo management.

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Black Hats Have Reservations about Spoofing Enceladus' Circadian Rhythm

Programers have power, spoofing GPS, Saturn churn’s it’s moons, honeypots for water hackers, camping to reset circadian clocks and much more fun GeekNews with Ben and Lyle.

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For Ladies Only: Fashioning a Stream of False Memories

Technology advances to make your life easier: alarms, skin, fashion…Congress doesn’t advance, to make NSA’s life easier. And other Geek news.

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Prism's Spellchecking Pen Not a Patch on DEF-CON's Headphones

EFF is awesome, your data is being read, Wifi Art, spell check censorship, ringtone help, and more GeekNews and calls from listeners.

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Superman's High Speed Sarcasm Decrypts Boom's Backup

A musing on how NSA might be gathering its web traffic information, new amazing storage density, human powered flight, and a detection to the inspirational Preston Q Boomer.

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Radio Bursts Google Glass, Licensing the Bug in Your Ear

Three weeks away from GeekSpeak showing off Google technology in France, Lyle comes back a real Glasshole.

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Duck Implants Flashlight, Altavista Stops Searching for Exoplanets

The geeks discuss a wide variety of silly things, including habitable-zone exoplanets, hand-heat-powered flashlights, Google Reader and Altavista going away, electric car speed records, a 3D-printed duck foot, and surgically implanted magnets.

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UBEW Taps Bonnie's Pager, Finds Old Computer

‘Alternate reality geeks’ of the Union of Benevolent Electrical Workers, Meadbh Hamrick and Jeremiah Daniels, consider NSA shenanigans, suggest personal courses of action—and take calls from listeners. With alternate reality host Bonnie Jean Primbsch.

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Waze Reports: Cloudy with a Chance of Pananoia

Social mapping company Waze bought by Google, Clouds forming in inopportune places, and a healthy dose of black helicopter sightings. This and more with Bonnie, Ben, and Miles as they take your calls and cover the Week in Geek news. Special thanks to Greg Merkley for today’s show title. (Podcast update delayed)

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Prism's Doppler Shift Boots New Neurons

IT costs, the PRISM program, Wi-Fi as clapper, mystery car theft. Also, the Geeks are flattered to get a call from Conrad the pathologist of Germany. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s all about the connections.

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Wireless Martian Water Installs Rootkit

Mars has water, geeks fear bad passwords, Mechanical Turk, and much more in this week’s episode of GeekSpeak.

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Blue Sky Impacts Moon, Skype Tumbls Autistic Tweets

Lunar eclips and impact already happend, 3D printed space food (not), Yahoo buys Tumblr, two factor authentication, BitTorrent Sync, and much, much more.

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Privacy Concerns? The EFF Has Your Back!

The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is the first line of defense when our digital freedoms come under attack. A non-profit detected to “Defending your rights in the digital world” – this episode of GeekSpeak Dan Auerbach, Staff Technologist at the EFF joins Lyle Troxell to cover GeekNews and talk about human rights in the digital age.

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Stealing Cash, Bikes, and Spectrum from Virtual Machines

Virtual computer systems, monitoring, stealing cash using cash cards, bike planning is good, iOS tape cassette app, Maker Faire this month, and more when James Dennis, Director of Engineering of Catbird, joins Lyle on this episode of GeekSpeak.

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Dale Questions 3D Gun Robots at Mach 5

Lyle is alone in this episode of GeekSpeak – covering UN suggestions about robot overlords, Google loves Palestine, printing guns in your home, Facebook lawsuit, many phone calls – and some web update news.

This episode was dedicated to Dale Owen, who we will miss at KUSP. If you do not love classical music – go watch this Benjamin Zander’s TED talk about loving Classical music.

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IKEA Robot Tweets Private Eyes

Hacking Twitter, Geek Entertainment news, robots and artificial intelligence, Geek Word of the Week and much much more with Bonnie, Lyle, and Ben.

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Reddit visits Mars Galaxy Cell Coverage from Home

Programer and produce Charley Manske joins Lyle to chat about home network cell coverage, his new Galaxy Note, and about Facebook, Reddit and more.

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Pecha Kucha, Perception, Population, Patches, and Privacy

Say it five times fast! Miles & Bonnie find out how to make geeks speak briefly, and cover the latest crop of gaffes, advances, & creepiness in geek news.

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Dark Matter Robot Blinks & Facebook Goes Home.

Ben, Lyle and Bonnie cover the week’s news.

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Musically Shaving Bytes with Frozen Smoke

Ben and Lyle chat about music, code, astrophysics and material sciences.

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Apple Security News - the Universe Darkens

Google and Apple and other security issues, some calls from listeners and more on this episode with Ben and Lyle.

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Sick Wind Farm Games with out Google Reader

Founders of Gaijin Games, Mike and Alex, join the geeks to chat about game development and play and their new game Runner2, a fun side scrolling platform game.

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Pledge for Plastic Skulls, Frozen Phones, and Rovers in Distress

Curiosity software bug, 3D Printed Skulls, Compromising phones by freezing them, Sexism in Gaming, and your opportunity to support this, and many shows at KUSP.

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Patented Billboard Shows Skydiving Rats- Live!

Billboards collecting water, parachute in poison rats to kill snakes, re-use old phones for video cams, Pandora restrictions, patent lawsuits, thermochromotic fashion, sports gadget, calls, and more with Al Luckow and Lyle Troxell.

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Robot Drinks, Rails Problems, JS ASM

Miles is back for a Geeky episode with Bonnie and Lyle.

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Space, Time, Heat & the Kitchen Sync

VERY long distance duets without the awkward delay; Jet lag; explaining burns to children; and storing your digital stuff for yourself and others.

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The Union of Benevolent Electrical Workers

Alternate Universe Geeks take over the show to philosophize, obfuscate, and to make the case for meat-space networking.

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Ease of Use vs Security

Groundhog Day, bad websites, UPnP and your security, astroid updates, quicky on GitHub, calls from listeners and emails too.

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Monster Cards, Kracken, and Cracking Cases

Being silly, Java todo, Kracken video, make monster cards, fixing small tech stuff and calls from listeners.

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Deathstar Full of Banana Slugs

Bad java flaw explanation now with slugs, animated tattoos, make your own 3d printer “ink”, Facebook search, and more geeky topics of the week.

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Watson Swearing Robot Seal "Ze Bike Crank!"

New law allows Netflix to help users spam movies to FB, Ze Frank is in Santa Cruz, Watson is introduced to Urban Dictionary, Amazon lets you get mp3s from CDs you purchased, and more Geeky news from Lindsey, Ben, and Lyle.

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Hot Humans, Exoplanets and CodeSchool

Adam Fortuna from CodeSchool joins the geeks for a chat about the week in geek news, online education, programing and other geekyness.