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Geek News and Tech Calls

Some GeekNews and taking calls from listenrs about technolgy and their computer problems.

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Hand Held Hardware

Chris Dunphy, our San Francisco correspondent, joins the Geeks for a
discussion of handheld technology, a spot of geek news and to take calls.

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Geeky Gifts

The Geeks talk about geek-type gifts and take calls.

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Technically Offensive Technology

Gary Guseinov, CEO of eblocs.com, talks with geeks Miles Elam,
Sean Cleveland and host Lyle Troxell about SpyWare, Adware and other technically offensive behaviors and, of course, how to protect your computer and identity.

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Spammer X

Spammer X, author of Inside the SPAM Cartel published by Syngress, talked with
the Geeks about the deviousness of SPAM.

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Digital Media Factory

Marty Collins joins the geeks for a spotlight on movie making in Santa Cruz.
Marty founded the Santa Cruz based Digital
Media Factory
which is housed in the old Wrigley’s building which has bandwidth,
space and a factory feel to produce digital content.

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Geek Call-In

The geeks take your calls.

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DigiBarn's Maze Retrospective

DigiBarn is a computer history museum in Boulder Creek. They are promoting a November 7th Maze War 30 Year Retrospective
“The First First Person Shooter” at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA Bruce Damer of DigiBarn joins the geeks to talk about this 30 year-old game and it’s upcomming celibration and retrospective.

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Electronic Voting

Voting machines are being used in the presidential election on Tuesday, Nov. 2 all over the US, but is this new technology stable, and even more important, trustworthy? Steven M. Cherry, Senior Associate Editor for IEEE Spectrum Magazine, joins the geeks for an in-depth discussion about the technologies behind electronic voting.

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Geek Math

Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Chaos theory… have you tuned out yet? Mathematics is a lot more fun then you might think.
Ralph Abraham has been teaching math for decades and has a passion for Mathematics that is contagious.

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GeekNews and Tech Calls: Pledge Drive

Durring this show we do some GeekNews and taking calls from listenrs with questions and comments about technolgy and computer problems.

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Geek News and Tech Calls

Some GeekNews and taking calls from listenrs about technolgy and their computer problems. Top News: The xPrize claimed.

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GeekNews and Tech Calls

Some GeekNews and taking calls from listenrs about technolgy and their computer problems… lots of butter needed.

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Technical Difficulties

Update: Looks like we may be able to go live this morning. Tune in
after 10 o’clock to find out!Unfortunately it looks like we won’t be on today. KUSP had a power
outage and won’t be back up by showtime. Thanks for listening and for
your support. We’ll see you all again next week.

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Adobe Products

Adobe announce two new consumer and hobbyist products which the Geeks have taken a peek at. Two product managers from Adobe, the makers of Photoshop, will join the Geeks for a disscussion of new Adobe products for the home.
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Digital Radio

FM Radio is taking the giant step into the digital
age. KUSP Station Manager,
Terry Green and Engineer, Brant Herrett -
join the Geeks for an in-depth discussion on FM
Digital conversion and KUSP’s plans for Digital Radio]. The benefits and
drawbacks of Digital Radio on GeekSpeak.

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The geeks talk with Geoff Caras onwner and operator of LavaRock, a Santa Cruz
Internet Cafe located at 541 Seabright Avenue across from Linda’s Seabreeze Cafe.

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Combating Adware, Spyware and Internet Scams

The geeks discuss methods for combating Spyware, Adware and Internet Scams.
Just how susceptible are computers to data stealing applications that are
delivered by malicious email and fraudulent websites?
Learn how to keep your computer, personal information and identity safe on GeekSpeak.

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Geek Call-In

The Geeks anser calls and emails.

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Windows XP Hacks and Service Pack 2 with Preston Gralla

Preston Gralla, freelance journalist, columnist and author of Windows XP Hacks by O’Reilly, a book we will be discussing on this week’s show, is a self-avowed Windows die-hard. His Weblogs are interesting, controversial, and above all, informational. A few of these include A Windows Die-Hard Confronts Linux, Why Windows Still Beats Linux and Why Firefox Beats Internet Explorer. In his his latest Weblog titled To SP2 or Not SP2, Preston discusses whether users should take the install the new Service Pack 2 update. Join the Geeks this week as they discuss Service Pack 2 with Preston Gralla and pick his brain for the most interesting Windows XP “hacks” — the cool shortcuts, useful tools and undocumented tips that make life with Windows XP that much easier.
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Internet Cable in Santa Cruz

Good rural Internet access is hard to find. Most people in out-laying areas are too far from their telephone companies’s central office to get DSL and satilite Internet access is expensive and problematic. Your local cable company might be your Internet providing savor. But it might not be that simple. The geeks talk Internet Cable and being firm with the “customer help line.”

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ComicCon 2004

Our very own Geek Sean Cleveland went to the 2004 ComicCon and tells us all about it.

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Coffee and Internet Cafes

The Geeks speak with Ken Botelho, owner and operator of Caffe Bene in Santa Cruz, about Coffee and high-speed Internet.

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The Geeks do some news and answer tech-calls.
Host Lyle Troxell, recovering from walking pneumonia, shows off his deep sick voice.

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The Geeks do some news and answer tech-calls.

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Long-Term Storage Strategies and Technologies

Steven Schuchart Jr., analyst with Current Analysis and Contributing Editor for Network Computing Magazine, recently wrote an article called State of the Art: Long-Term Storage Strategy for Network Computing. In it, he discusses the limits of current storage solutions, the inevitability of hardware and software obsolescence and the evitable data migration that bad backup decisions create. Just how can individuals, companies and enterprises ensure future access to critical archived data and what technologies are available today to make the entire process painless? Join Steven and the geeks to discuss home storage and backup solutions this Friday on GeekSpeak.

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The Cassini-Huygens Spacecraft and the Mysteries of Saturn and Titan

Joe Jordan, planetary and atmospheric modeler for the SETI Institute

(Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), joins the geeks to discuss his work modeling the atmosphere of Saturn’s
moon Titan, where the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft will arrive in July 2004. This seven-year journey to Saturn will place the Cassini spacecraft into a four-year orbit around the planet to measure its magnetosphere and will analyze the composition of Saturn’s famous rings
and its atmosphere. In December 2004, Cassini will eject the Huygens probe that will descend into Saturn’s mysterious
moon of Titan. If Huygen’s survives the impact of the landing upon the frozen moon, it will be the furthest human-made
object ever to land on a celestial body. (Cassini-Huygens image courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech)

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Flash Mob Computing

Flash mobs, similar to the happenings of the 60’s, are groups of people
that converge on a location, do something, and then disperse. In April professors
at the University of San Fransisco with their students organized a flash mob to build a
supercomputer. Greg Benson,
co-founder of FlashMobComputing.org,
joins the Geeks for a discussion about the first ever Flash Mob Supercomputer.

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The geeks do a spot of news and then take your calls.

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Digital Photography with Derrick Story

Being an expert at digital photography can take years,
but taking good pictures doesn’t have to.
Derrick Story, author of
Digital Photography Hacks from O’Reilly,
joins the geeks with 100 tips that will help you take better photographs.

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Digital Photography with Ken Milburn

The ease of Digital Photography is only matched by
it’s potential complexity. Ken Milburn,
author of “Digital Photography – Expert Techniques” joins the geeks to share
some tips and tricks on getting the best from your digital photography work flow.

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California Virtual Campus

The California Virtual Campus created and managed by the comunity collage chancler’s office is an online community collage. Our guest Marti Atkinson is president and instructional designer of nLight a consulting firm concentration on education.

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Avoiding Online Fraud

With identity theft on the rise, it becomes even more important to
keep your personal information private when using the Internet. Join
the Geeks as they dissect many of the tricks of the scamming trade
and learn to treat email and the web with a critical eye.

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Combatting SPAM

SPAM: How it works and how to get rid of it. Bob Cagle and Dean
Pfutzenreuter from
Open Field Software
join the Geeks to explore spammer techniques and the development of
software tools to combat them.

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Virus Protection

Computer Virus protection is a necessity in our current computer world. Kraig Lane of Symantec, the makers of Norton Antivirus, joins the Geeks to explore how virus scanners work, their limitations and the importance of definition updates. Learn how to keep your computer’s immune system strong with the Geeks.

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Home Networks

Viruses, worms and hackers abound. On the Internet you need your own Home LAN Security. Yorgos from Stratos Systems and Adam Baker from We’ve Got It Wired join the Geeks for a discussion about home networks: what you need to know and what you need to get.

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Practicing Safe Emailing

Gary Herman, President and Senior Security Engineer for Jabico Enterprise, LLC,
joins the Geeks in a discussion about safe Email Clients and settings for email clients to make them even safer.

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TKO Game Developer

Video games get better, faster and more portable with every release. Learn all about Santa Cruz’s very own game developer, TKO Software Inc. with CEO Jacob Hawley.

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The Geeks Answer Your Calls and Emails

If email turned physical, The Geeks would be buried. Join us as we answer a pile of email and take your calls. Do you have a question? Feel free to email The Geeks and tell us what’s on your mind.
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NVIDIA nForce Technology

NVIDIA’s nForce technology is taking the computer industry by storm. First created for the Microsoft Xbox, it has breathed new life into the computer gaming community and inspired smaller, more fashionable computers. Scott Baker, Senior Product Manager for NVIDIA, joins the Geeks for a tour of the NVIDIA nForce Media and Communications Processor.
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Deepfried Music

Peter Chester and Robert Cross of the band Deepfried join the Geeks for a talk and presentation of digital music. The Geeks also answer your phone calls.

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Photoshop CS

Photoshop is a favorite for home users and design professionals. Scott Kelby, author, Editor-in-Chief of "Photoshop User

magazine":http://www.photoshopuser.com/, MacDesign magazine, Nikon Capture User magazine and President of
the National Association of Photoshop Professionals joins the Geeks for an
intimate look at Adobe Photoshop. Hear about the new features in Photoshop CS
from Match Color command to Integrated digital camera raw file format support and much more.

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Nuclear Energy

Daniel Goodwin, former employee of Diablo Canyon
Nuclear Power Plant, joins the geek for a discussion on nuclear power.
Learn how electricity is made in a nuclear reactor. Remember, radiation is not a four letter word.

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Hand Held Happenings

Chris Dunphy from Palm Source joins the geeks for an update on what is new in the hand held industry.
Learn about the latest hand helds with the Geeks on GeekSpeak.

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Relational database management systems.
Storing and searching virtual mountains of information? Join the Geeks in a
discussion on data management systems and which solutions work best.

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Geek Call-in

The geeks cover a little tech-news including the latests updates on Sprit the Mars Rover, after that they take calls.

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Call-in and Recycle