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Even Dead People are Against SOPA

Kepler finds Earth-sized planets, Congress is using the internet like all of us, should we use a new calendar, is your IP router IPv6 ready, and SOPA still sucks! – Ben, Lyle and Miles.

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Geeks Need a New Home

GeekSpeak needs a new server home – do you want to help? We are leaning towards [Linode|http://www.linode.com/] as our new [VPS|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_private_server] host. On this episode we cover a bunch of tech news, from Black Holes to Aids Vaccines. Ben Jaffe and Alex Sleeis join Lyle Troxell via Skype.

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Messing up with Magnets, Copyright, and Siri

Lionel Peter Church joins Linsey Lonne, Miles Elam, and Lyle Troxell.

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Fire-Breathing Ponies and Climate Change

The Week in Geek: the rise of the Internet Surveillance state, Unicode for the masses, and more while Jordan, Lindsey, and Miles take your calls and comments.

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No Reason At All

Pew Research finds there’s no reason at all to learn about mobile madness malware and the rest of the “Week in Geek” news with Miles, Al and Lyle. Bonus: the triumphant return of the Crazy USB of the Week!

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Tracking Loans, License Plates, and Heat

Kiva.org for gifts that are actually loans, how ovens work, thinking about temperature around your house, pluto might have an ocean, Google has more servers then you, and may other things like your license plates are being tracked.

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I, For One, Welcome Our DNS Censor Overlords

Ionized plasmas for sterilizers, 2D game performance in browser, and some little bills called SOPA and ProtectIP.

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Exfoliate Your Facebook

Political robo-calls to your cellphone if you don’t act, Facebook is big and complex and we are all trapped, Russian Phobos to return to earth the #fail way.
Lindsey and Lyle take on the geek news of the week and take your calls.

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November 5th, Shmomember 5th!

Guest geek Katie Dutcher (Linguistics and Religious Studies major from Pomona College) joins us to help us understand how amazing 11-02-2011 actually was.

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Desalinate 7 Billion Brain Simulations

Mike Rodkin, former Mayor of Santa Cruz, will join us for a discussion on Santa Cruz water issues. Is a high-price desalination plant a good solution?

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Camera, Tank and Keyboards

A new camera that you can focus later, Skype can connect your username to your IP address, new infrared camouflage system for tanks, seeing through walls with cool tech, and lots of calls from listeners. Assistive typing with devorak vs qwerty keyboards or use a camera-microphone-pen and more. Al is back with a Crazy USB and Ben and Lyle are there too.

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Dennis Ritchie, You Will Be Sorely Missed

We mourn the passing of [Dennis Ritchie, creator of C, co-creator of Unix|http://herbsutter.com/2011/10/12/dennis-ritchie/], and one of the biggest influences on modern computing. Not for wealth, not for fame, but simply because the challenges existed. He will be remembered fondly by those who knew him as well as by those of us who unfortunately never had the honor.

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So Long and Thanks For All the iPods.

A fond farewell to the irreplaceable Steve Jobs. Also quasicrystals, earthquake monitoring, living bridges, and more while Lyle, Terry and Miles extol the virtues of community radio. Pledge KUSP today!

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Kindles and Other Stuff

The new Amazon Kindles and other non-related news items. All of this while Lyle, Ben, and Miles take your live calls and comments.

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Blurry, Soggy, Black Holes Now Available from E-Libraries

Horrible segways during The Week in Geek News while Miles, Lyle, Ben, and Alex get all your calls and questions answered incorrectly.

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Exoplanets in Hexadecimal

Exoplanets revolving around binary stars; exoplanets revolving around each other; Exoplanets! Ben and Miles answer your questions and comments about technology and hexadecimal as well.

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Flywheels and Data Centers

The Week in Geeks News covers data centers and fly wheels followed by Lyle, Ben and Miles taking your calls and comments.

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Security and Super Novas

Haystack Passwords baby- full paper encryption, UPnP router problems, Macintosh Lion woes and security problems, AT&T mobile deal a no-go and more GeekNews.

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Who Watches the Watchers' Mac Addresses?

Citizens’ right to record the police, social media’s impact on undercover cops, IPs are not people, and your comments and questions.

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MineCraft Super Cookies

Wyatt Troxell joins the Geeks to geek out about MineCraft, Ben fills us in on the half-a 3.5mm connector from Apple, and Miles tells us all about Super Cookies!

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Ready Player One - Ernest Cline

Perseids Meteor shower, new theme park and an interview and discussion with Ernest Cline about his wonderful futuristic 80’s packed book, Ready Player One.

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Face Matching Hacking Body Scanning

Face-matching with Facebook profiles, Non-naked airport passengers in Germany, Hackers Wireless Medical Devices Susceptible to Attacks, DARPA and the hazard of hacked hardware and 5/8ths inch head radiation.

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Glowing Dogs Fetching Public Keys

Germany goes nuclear free while lowering carbon emissions, iOS Safari has a serious vulnerability, and a South Korean dog glows in the dark. This, your calls, and more on this week’s episode of Geek Speak.

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Google+ Spotify = Great Show

Social networks, streaming audio, and more with Lyle, Ben, and Miles.

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Social Network Who Must Not be Named

Skype vulnerable, Harry Potter, hear with your Brain, remember with Google, and much more all while avoiding Facebook and Google+.

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Rare Earth Space Kindles

Rare Earth minerals discovered on the ocean floor, the Space Shuttle launches its final mission, and more while Ben and Miles take your calls.

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A Social Barometer: Google+ Facebook-

Google releases Google+, Barometers are in cell phones, Thunderbolt is fast, and we discuss how we should measure time. Join the geeks in this podcast, and join the conversation on our Facebook page!

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616: The Number of the Beast

Brian Suda joins the geeks to talk about information visualization. And the big question “Satan and Miles’s birthday: is there a connection?”

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Nuclear Teenagers and Security Failures

A teenager invents a handheld radiation detector, Dropbox not so private, and the public’s password foibles, today on Geek Speak with Lyle, Miles, and Lindsey.

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Well of Course the Black Mutant Dies

The recent X-Men movie, IPv6 Day, political tech, and more of the week in geek with Lyle and Miles.

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Copyright and Mickey Mouse's Long Tail

Michael Mount, a copyright lawyer, joins the Geeks for a discussion on Intellectual Property. And we cover some GeekNews of the week.

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Miles is Always Right

Lyle and Miles discuss ISP data cap, the newest version of Ubuntu Linux and a few more stories. And, of course, calls from listeners.

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Google, Facebook, and Skype, oh my!

Miles and Lindsey discuss geek news of the week and take calls from listeners.

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One-sided Conversations with Admiral Ackbar

Lyle and Miles discuss one-way sound, take your calls, and note that we still don’t have Admiral Ackbar’s birth certificate yet.

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The Questionable Science of Royal Weddings

Royal wedding news. No just kidding (sorta). Stolen camera finder, [SETI|Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence] turned off, chemistry sets without chemicals.

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Password is Bad

A quick, hour-long, discussion about passwords: Or how I learned to stop worrying and embrace the entropy.

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NASA Shuttles Retire and Robots Regret XXX AT-AT

Miles and Lindsey cover the imminent AT-AT assault, robotic regrets, and more while discussing your calls and comments.

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Black Hole Submarine Not Worth Saving

One trillion sun star death, submarine [DARPA|Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency] game, Film history of UIs, the new Commodore 64, more news and calls from our listeners about their computer woes.

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Dog DNA Kinects non-Habitable Mercury

The geeks discuss genetic testing for your dog, April Fools pranks, and pictures from Mercury. Callers bring up the Microsoft Kinect, nuclear power and ways to get Netflix on your TV. Habitable or Habitable; Lindsey and Lyle debate.

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Past Future Rain and FireFox 4

Laurel, Lindsey, Lyle and Luckow offer their opinions about the week-in-geek-news.

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Earth and Environmental Science Baby!

Dr. Christian Shorey joins us for a talk on the earth and it’s power. We also cover some geek news.

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10-Gallon Cranium Unit

Lindsey brings up a story about a robot “soldier” that will soon be called to “duty,” researchers show how to hack an off-the-shelf (?) car remotely, and a big thank you to the civil engineers around the world!

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Pledge drives don't bug me..

The Geeks intertwine tech news with the pledge drive. Bugs: causing recalls of Mazdas, Having sex in amber, enhancing their bodies with robotics. Problems with Cisco’s routers not supporting IPV6.

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Eye Strain for Search Transparency

Dr Dawn starts out this show to talk about DS3 Eye Strain. We also chat about Google Search and their secretive power, selling bogus terrorist data, and a bunch more GeekNews.

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Radioactive Tree Sharks in Space

This is what happens when you don’t send the Sun a Valentine’s Day gift.

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Snip, Burn, Solder, Shred

Our guest, David Erik Nelson, joins us to talk about more maker-revolution stuff. His new book [Snip, Burn, Solder, Shred" by David Erik Nelson, Seriously Geeky Stuff to Make with Your Kids|http://oreilly.com/catalog/9781593272593/] is a wonderful romp about making stuff. Chat with a Hands-On-Geeks.

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Black holes and Babies on Robots in Stitches

Death by Death Ray and GPS. AL and Ben talk about their own Facebook foibles, and Miles alerts us that the The Bombay High Court has Ruled Astrology to be a Science (simply because its so old).

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Pirates vs Lasers with Translation

Our take on Egypt, lasers fighting pirates, HDMI MacBook call, Google soft censorship, portable translation software and more.

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Going Tech Potty at Solar Speeds

Geeks Ben, Al, Alex, Lindsey, and Miles take your calls and cover the Week in Geek: Solar Car Speed record, the first [HDR|High Dynamic Range] video camera, the new iPoo Android tablet, and astrology word clouds.

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What's Your Sign? (Mine is USB)

iPad Guitar, Astrology put straight, movies made entirely on the iPhone, 2010 by the numbers, everything you wanted to know about video codecs, but never cared to ask.

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Vaccinating Against 241543903 Live

Touch screens that touch back, head freezing meme, skype 3G, and much more geek news of the week.

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Happy New Year from the geeks including the unoriginally ambitious Ben.