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Tech for 2008

The geeks share their thoughts on upcoming technology. Plus Week in Geek News and listeners questions and comments on technology.

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Gifts for Geeks

Gift ideas for geeks delivered by the Geeks. Plus the Week in Geek News and a caller question or two.

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Making Things Talk

The Geeks talk with [Tom Igoe|http://tigoe.net/] of [NYU|New York University]’s [Interactive Telecommunications Program|http://tigoe.net/pcomp/] about his new book, Making Things Talk. Tom shares his knowledge of device communication through simple projects that anyone can do. Learn how to get your electronic creations talking in fun and interesting ways.

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High Tech Dentistry

Henry Ramirez D.D.S. joins the Geeks for a discussion on the high tech of dentistry.

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Comcast and Leopard on Rails

The Geeks dump on Comcast, Apple’s Leopard dumps on the Geeks, and the BBC dumps Ruby.

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Making Noises With Laptops

From making lightsaber noises with your laptop to data recovery to e-voting lawsuits, the Geeks keep you up to date on the week’s news and take your computing questions.

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Power Issues: Government, Monitors, and Laptops

The Geeks talk about phantom power draws, monitors that take no power in standby, Obama promises a CTO, and Lyle orders a laptop from the One Laptop Per Child project. These stories and more while we take your calls and comments.

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Did You Get My Message? Can You Understand Me?

From cell phone blockers to Babelfish’s understanding blockers… er… translation software, the Geeks discuss the news, take your calls, and issue mea culpas for bad advice.

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Drew Works for Who?

DARPA robot cars, Blockbuster vs. Netflix, Apple’s Firewall not so wally, Wikipidia as homework, NAS vs SAN, and more stuff Drew knows about.

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Leopard, News and Calls

Apple’s newest OS, Leopard, was released last night and two of the Geeks are already running it. We learn a bit about OS X Leopard, the GeekNews of the week and people’s problems with technology.

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Sustainable Radio

A full contingent of geeks chat about the week’s tech news and try one more time to get you to donate to our station, KUSP.

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Guilt Giving, GeekNews and Calls

In this pledge drive episode of GeekSpeak we guilt you into contributing to KUSP and cover the Week in GeekNews: LCD Scanning, Windows XP SP3, Comcast goes Tivo, [Wind Belt|http://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/industry/4224763.html?series=37] and more.

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RIAA's Judgment and Compact Fluorescents

Cable internet good speeds, software patents land-mines, [RIAA wins $200,000 judgment|http://www.news.com/8301-10784_3-9791383-7.html], Blu-ray 100GB discs, infra-red carpool enforcement, and more GeekNews. Plus Lyle Troxell, Sean Cleveland, Miles Elam, and Ryder Brooks take listener calls.

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AT&T Sucks and Other Observations

The Geeks, who all have AT&T service, chat about recent changes to the AT&T terms of service, which attempts to restrict what their customers can say about them. This, identity theft, more news about the iPhone, the One Laptop Per Child project, and more while they take your calls.

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Podcasting with Grammar Girl

The Geeks welcome Mignon Fogarty, the star and force behind Grammar Girl and the founder of Quick and Dirty Tips, a successful podcasting company with friendly and informative voices.

If you are not familiar with the Grammar Girl Podcast, go and listen to it right now; I hope you love it as much as I do. -Lyle

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Meebo, Instant Messaging

[Meebo|http://www.meebo.com/] provides a web-based interface to all your instant messaging services and includes group chat support. If you use IM, this is one great way to do it!

In addition to learning about this new product from the firm’s founder, we’ll talk about the trends in personal, immediate communications. Where are the trends heading? Why is this form of communication so popular and what will happen to all of the competing international standards and providers? Above all, is it truly useful – or just another distraction from thoughtful and meaningful human connection?

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Home Media Management on a Macintosh

Patrick Nugent, product manager for [Roxio|http://www.roxio.com/], joins the Geeks for a discussion of how to manage your media using a Macintosh. Roxio’s recently released [Popcorn 3|http://www.roxio.com/enu/products/popcorn/standard/overview.html] gives you the power to mix your media and deliver it to a variety of players such as the iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, BlackBerry, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and DVD.

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Social Networking

Karsten Weide, program director of digital media and entertainment at IDC, joins the Geeks to talk about online social networks. This and more including the week’s news with geeks Lyle, Sean, Miles, and Ryder.

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Laptop Debacle and News

A laptop rises from the grave, high definition wars heat up, and your calls. This and more with Lyle, Sean, Miles, Drew, and Ryder.

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Tech in Conflict and Stars with Tails

Comcast vs. Bittorrent, Wikipedia vs. Diebold, AT&T vs. Vermont, and more Week in Geek news with Ryder, Miles, Sean, and Lyle. Oh, and we take calls.

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Data Center Business

Running a [NOC|Network Operations Center] or data center involves a lot of planning and redundancy of services. Derek Wise, President and CEO of [GNi, Global Netoptex, Inc.|http://www.gni.com/], joins us to talk about NOCs.

What happened on [July 24th to 365 Main|http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2007/07/26/BUQMR757R2.DTL], and how could a simple power failure cause so many sites to go down? We answer these questions and much more on this episode of GeekSpeak.

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GeekNews and Mobile Geek

Mobile Geeks Chris Dunphy and Cherie Ve Ard join us to talk about the “Week in Geek” news and update us on how their [technomadic mobile geek lifestyle|http://www.technomadia.com/] is going.

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Radio Power, Wind Power, and Voting Power

The Geeks discuss radio transmission including potential health effects, wind power combined with magnetics to reduce friction, and a new look at electronic voting in California. Lyle, Sean, Miles, and Ryder explore these and other issues while they take your calls.

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Checkers Game Solved and Linked In

Comic book store in San Jose; database of all possible checkers moves makes a computer unbeatable; Google vs cell phone industry; 25 year computer virus anniversary; next version of Windows is “Seven”, with a three year development cycle; Sean Cleveland on Vista, DirectX 10 coolness and Intel Processor updates; One Laptop Per Child content filtering; — all just some of what we talked about on this diverse episode.

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Connectivity Issues: from 0 to 40gbps

Fastest home connection at 40gbps, noncommittal tattoos and much more with geeks Ryder Brooks, Miles Elam and host Lyle Troxell.

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Energy Woes for Cars, iPhones, and Rovers

‘Hot fuel’ for cars, soldered batteries for iPhones, and scary storms are making energy harder and harder to manage. Sean, Miles, Drew, and Alex tackle these and other issues today on Geek Speak.

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Sony Blu-ray Technology

The Geeks discuss [Blu-ray|http://www.sonypictures.com/homevideo/bluray/] technology with Robert C. DeMoulin of Sony Electronics. Blu-ray is the next generation format for optical drives that uses blue laser instead of the red laser or infrared used by DVD and CD. Blu-ray provides storage capacity that surpasses DVD and CD, allowing for higher quality video and audio.

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Where's my Flying Car?

Chatting briefly about stagnation and frustration with technology, the Geeks do a friendly and engaging episode of GeekSpeak.

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HD Radio, Digital Drive

KUSP is raising money for a digital conversion to support the [HD Radio|http://www.hdradioalliance.com/] standard. The Geeks discuss the inner-workings of HD Radio with Station Manager Terry Green and how KUSP/KBDH will upgrade the “air chain”. The Geeks also discuss the Week in Geek news, and take listener comments and questions about technology.

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Using Vista and Traffic Video Ownership

The Geeks are finally using Vista, and it’s not really that bad! This week: New Jersey sues YouTube, integrated car navigation vs. handheld GPS, and much more with Geeks Sean, Miles, Ryder and host Lyle.

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Icy Hot Slow Broadband

The Geeks discuss the news and talk tech. This Week: Broadband may not be tallied by zip code anymore, while the term Broadband may soon be changed to encompass 2 Megabits or faster speeds. Oh, astronomers have discovered ice that is 300 degrees Celsius! These stories and more brought to you by Geeks Lyle, Miles, Ryder, and Alex (off-air).

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Maker Faire

[Dale Dougherty|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dale_Dougherty] Editor and Publisher of [Make Magazine|http://www.makezine.com/] by O’Reilly Media joins the Geeks to talk about their upcoming [Maker Faire|http://makerfaire.com/] .

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Genetic Engineering: Evaluating the Situation

The Geeks welcome Michelle Marvier, published and noted research scientist and Associate Professor of the Environmental Studies Institute and Department of Biology at Santa Clara University. Should vaccines be delivered to children in bananas? Join us to learn more!

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Cracked: From Bee Disappearances to Elections

Elections that are run using the Jet database engine, and bees that apparently don’t hate cell phones after all. This and your calls, answered by Miles Elam, Ryder Brooks, and host Lyle Troxell.

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Assistive Tech-ery

The Geeks talk with Jon Bjornstad about [Sue Center|http://www.suecenter.org/], a communication environment designed specifically for people who cannot use a keyboard or mouse.

This assistive technology which enables people to email, browse the web and more has been developed by Jon over the past 7 years.

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Senior Computer Center of Santa Cruz

On location at the [Senior Computer Center|http://www.seniorcomputer.org/] in down town Santa Cruz the Geeks: Lyle, Sean, Miles, Alex and Josh, do some GeekNews and take questions from an audience that can see them.

Will the Geeks hold it together while being watched? Listen to this show to find out.

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Violent Hard Drive Death

The ever-present need to have good backups and the effects of violent video games on the youth. Join in the discussion with Lyle, Sean, and Miles (with Alex over the net).

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Where's the Memory Controller?

Intel’s upcoming processors, nano-meters are small, Samsung 64GB solid state drive, Boston Space Marathon, one laptop for Miles, and calls, calls, calls.

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Maximizing Games with YouGamers

The Geeks welcome Nick Evanson, Editor-in-Chief of [YouGamers|http://www.yougamers.com/], a professional online publication backed by [Futuremark|http://www.futuremark.com/] and a team of editors that tackle PC games in a distinctive and interesting way by examining how the look, feel and performance of a game scales across wide ranges of PC hardware setups. In fact, they’ve built a tool called Game-O-Meter that determines exactly how well your hardware will actually play a game!

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Pledging the Good Fight

It’s a full house as Geeks Sean Cleveland, Miles Elam, Josh Weiss, Dedi Hubbard, Drew Meyer, and Alex Sleeis cover the week’s events while pledging for KUSP.

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Encyclopedias Battling Liberal Bias

A conservative online encyclopedia, an OS on a BIOS, flash-augmented hard drives, and more discussed by Sean, Miles and Lyle. During the second half the geeks take your calls.

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IDC Consumer Internet Market Space

The Geeks welcome Karsten Weide, Program Director, Digital Media & Entertainment, at IDC Research. Karsten writes analyses about the consumer Internet space and also serves as IDC’s expert on the intersection of new media and the digital marketplace. The Geek’s discuss his report called “[The State of the Consumer Digital Marketplace|http://www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp?containerId=205673],” which happens to be a topic that Geeks are quite interested in.

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Learn a bit about Dynamic HTML and fighting SPAM. [Danny Goodman|http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/au/244] joins the Geeks to discuss his new books, [Dynamic HTML: The Definitive Reference|http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/dhtmlref/] and [SPAM Wars|http://www.biblio.com/isbn/1590790634.html].

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Tracking Drive Reliability and Late Gadgets

Geeks Lyle, Sean, and Miles talk tech and take your calls; Google tracks hard drive reliability; computers big and small wrestle with recent daylight savings time changes; no one can read doctors’ handwriting; and computers are using more and more power, doubling in the last five years.

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Mobile Geek, Speaks

Chris Dunphy returns to California and GeekSpeak to share his expertise on the mobile-geek lifestyle. Chris has been working in tech for many years and has worn many tech hats (engineer, journalist, product manager, etc.). Before hitting the road, Chris was the Director of Competitive Analysis at Palm. Join Geeks as they discuss Chris’s completely portable existence and how he pulls it off.

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First Person You

The Geeks Welcom [Noesis Interactive|http://www.noesisinteractive.com/], a company that provides training videos that help the average geek customize their gaming experience. Can your character look like [fill in blank here]? The answer is yes! Learn a bit about 3D modeling, game customization and [modding|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mod_%28computer_gaming%29] with the Geeks.

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The Naked Desk

Author and life coach Sue Brenner joins the Geeks for a discussion about her new new book, The [Naked Desk: Everything you need to strip away clutter, save time, & get things done|http://www.amazon.com/dp/0978973003?tag=wwwactionsymp-20&camp=15041&creative=373501&link_code=as3].

Organization problems and solutions; what makes your life flow?

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Bad People Use (Your) Computers

Week in Geek News, calls with questions of technology. Another classic free-for-all of GeekSpeak.

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Space, Security, and Pirates

Special Guest Geek Scott Crowe joins us for news about Pirate Bay, comets, business successes and calls from our loyal fan base.

Links to free antivirus programs, the Windows narrator, Comet McNaught and music download services

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Bit Killing Cosmic Rays

Lots of product releases are hitting the wire right in time for [CES|Consumer Electronics Show] and Mac World shows. We will cover the interesting stuff and give you the meaning behind the buzz.