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Large Language Models and Human Minds

Most people say LLM are just language prediction systems… but how do human minds work comparatively? Can ChatGPT think, understand, or comprehend? Can you?
It’s been a while since Ben, Brian, and Lyle geeked out… join us.

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Tech News and Non Woo Meditation

NFT insider trading, tech experts urge to resist Crypto industry influences, larges plant is a Sea Grass in Australia, Safari is popular, Microsoft Excel reduces remote data types – and Lyle’s hot take on meditation.

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Delegate, Automate, Concentrate

Quincy Larson is founder and CEO of the non-profit software school freeCodeCamp, where anyone can go and lear to program for free. Quincy is making real change in the world.

This episode was recorded for my podcast Lunch with Lyle

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The Software Arts: Algorithm - Arithmetic

Professor Warren Sack joins me to speak about the history of Algorithm, including Donald Knuth – Art of Computer Programing, Five Axioms of Algorithms, and When Computers Were Human.

This is Part 1 of 2 on Algorithm.

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Lasers for listening and seeing, music production, and recycling

In this non-edited episode of GeekSpeak Lyle calls Ben impromptu to chat about using lasers for listening to rooms remotely, lasers being used to view into rooms, Ben’s recent focus on Music Production, and finally a story about California being better about communicating recycling possibilities on packaging.

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Internal Company Podcasts, Some Thoughts

Due to the popularity of the WeAreNetflix podcast I am contacted a bit about my thoughts on company podcasts. The WeAreNetflix podcast started off based on an internal only podcast that Michael Paulson and I started as a hack-day project.
This episode is 20min of me talking about company internal podcasts. Feel free to ask me questions about this episode on twitter. -@lyle

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Wildfire-Caused Water Contamination

The San Lorenzo Valley in Santa Cruz County has a partial Do Not Drink / Do Not Boil order in affect: is that order appropriate, what causes Wildfire water contamination, and what are good actions we as a community can take?

Our guest is Andrew J Whelton, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering and Environmental and Ecological Engineering at Purdue University.

Professor Whelton has studied two other Wildfires in California with water contamination and has some thoughts on our situation for the #CZULightningComplex

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20 Years of Ubiquitous Rust

Dedi finds a wifi solution they like, Greg is on the road for the first time since the pandemic, Miles is playing with Rust, and Lyle is happy to have the Geeks virtually together to celebrate 20 years of hosting the show.

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