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Eye Tracking Brain Tricks

Dr. Fiona Mulvey and Prof. Kenneth Holmqvist join us for a discussion on how the human eye works and a bit about eye tracking research.
Also, a mars robot sees rock and attacks it! Plus, networked cars help reduce traffic.

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Editors, Keyboards, and Ctrl-V

Ben talks about what he teaches at DMA and the Michael Bale touch. The Geeks yack on about radio tech support, google docs sharing, coding on an iPad, and even some Geek News!
DNA data storage? Miles tries to explain sizes. Curiosity videos and much more.

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Hacker Dojo

The Geeks talk about Hacker Dojo, updates in the industry, and apparently something about Mars.

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Games, Gals, and the Gallantry Gap

Women in gaming, privacy online service, FaceBook’s effect on high school reunions, and the “privacy” question. This is more with Lyle, Al, Miles, and Bonnie.