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Ummm Network, You Look a Little Bloated

Wartime bootleggers, the birth and death of Firewire, geeky movies, losing yourself in Manila, and more while we take your calls and questions.

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Games to Help Depressed Batteries Go Mach 20

Thousands to lose Internet access due to the FBI, the hardest-working man on Wikipedia, the rest of the Week in Geek, and Lyle and Miles respond to your questions and comments.

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Enterprising Cosmic Whale Vomit

Learn a little about the Geeks and what’s interesting about whale barf. And much more about the week in geek tech with Miles, Ben, and Lyle. Also, Rick is back, so we take some calls!

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Free Speech of Yoctograms and Planets

High School Student expelled for Tweeting, One-Yoctogram isn’t much, White House "free speech is more important then anti-piracy laws, and more GeekNews of the week.