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Want Encrypted Ads? Read the Book!

How Amazon will hold revenue until you read the book, NY goes after Verizon, ask a better DNS server, ad blocking, and more geek news of the week,

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Lastpass takes Hyperloop to Private Conference

That battery thing was over-blown, Google IO, WWDC, NodeConf, tech diversity, some changes to iOS and much more geek news.

Plus an interview with Neil Stevenson about his new book, “Seveneves.” If you plan to read it, wait on listening to the interview because it contains spoilers.

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Power your voice searches with Java

Repairman beats Google search algorithms, battery booster explained, Chrome limiting Flash, are APIs copyrightable, and more GeekNews of the week.

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Hola! Photos and PGP; Adios Car Ownership

A bit of Google I/O:Google Photos, Facebook PGP, GM says you don’t own your car.