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AOL’s Opera Profits Apple

Topics inlude: AOL is still a thing? Bill Gates as cool guy singularity skeptic. Saluting our Apple high-profit overlords. Are scientists more right than the rest of us? And sad times for Dreamwork’s computer graphics artists.

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Vaccine for False News Available on Skymaul

SkyMall closes, Windows10 for free, Twitter & Instagram wars, Doctorow’s Three Laws about digital rights, and moar. Bonnie Miles and Lyle.

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SpaceX Gets Warm Looks from Apple

The heat is on with Apple functionality, rocket landings, encryption, politics, and the global climate.

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Poker Game at CES Shakes up OSX

Very bad things happen to Macs, being tasered will be caught on camera, computers take the pot in Texas hold-em, and the highlights of CES, which doesn’t stand for Computer Electronics Show anymore. All of this and more on this episode of GeekSpeak.

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Giants Take Up Robotic Arms in Cyber War

robotic arms, cyber attacks, 2015 looks to be the Year of Interesting Developments.