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A Raspberry to the Frozen Gratitude of Things

China censors bluntly, Disney helps coding and gets its influence all over it, Abrams potentially messes up Star Wars, security experts try to avert disaster and freak us out, and a theater group effectively designs a way for us to get inside the experience of someone with Parkinson’s. Basically, sometimes you can do pure harm or pure good, but mostly it’s Complicated.

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Barbie Gives the NSA a Virus

Barbie needs fixing.

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Telling the Truth About E.T.'s Net Neutrality

Miles and Bonnie debate about extravagance, subjective value, when not to tell the truth about lying, and other tech ethics.

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Jammed Bat Collides with Cognitive Bias

Bats can jam bats, YouTube gos 60fps, Cognitive Dissidence, EFF ranks text services, plus math and physics and Geek News.

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Virginia Gives Cloud Voting the Finger

Mikeal Rogers, JavaScript community organizer extraordinaire and developer evangelist at DigitalOcean, joins the Geeks to talk about Virtual Private Servers, gritty details of the Cloud, and more geeky news in this episode of GeekSpeak.