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Tesla's High Pressure Ads Fall from Space

A chat about electric cars, Verizon selling data to advertisers, BitTorrent sync and more week in geek news.

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No Talkative Cheerio Phones in Class: It's The Law!

“I’m about to explode” – smart battery.
“I tried internal processes.” – Snowden.
“Are you ok?” – Facebook.
“I love Cheerios.” – Fungi
…and more from the week in Geek News.

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NSA Goes to the Mattresses for KUSP

During this pledge drive episode we talk about keyboards, flying cars, Kmart breach, Obama on net neutrality and more in the week of geek news.

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Where Augmented Radio Has Pride

FaceBook apologizes to drag queens, virtual reality on the cheap, and the web gets physical. These stories and more on the Week in Geek with Bonnie, Lyle, and Miles.