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Ahoy Self Driving Measles Meat

Pledge Drive Show: Donate to KUSP and learn about Stem Cell Meat, Google’s self driving car, Measles on the rise, an astroid that will not kill us – and Reading Rainbow is back!

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Titanosaur Texting Teens Triggers Traffic Ticket

Electronic skate, iMessage causing pain, meteors, dinosaur bones and more!

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Ferengi Texts 911 about FCC Micro Bead Desalination

The Ferengi plan to support Net Neutrality, New York bans micro beads in face cleaning. the ID stop for bikes, avatar choices, desalination technical breakthrough and more tech news and calls with Ben, Bonnie, and Lyle.

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Trashing Passwords from Space with Lightroom

Password day, planes powered by fuel from garbage, a design for commercial space flight, looking back in time at websites past, a new bitcoin-based cologne, and a live video feed from space.

Special Geek Guest Sharad Mangalick, Digital Imaging Product Manager at Adobe, speaks about Camera Raw and the recently-released Adobe Lightroom Mobile.

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Badger Corrects OpenSSL's Spin with Pyramid Power

Window manager geeking out, privacy with Badger by EFF, Core Infrastructure Initiative, spin that exoplanet, and how to win at rock-paper-scissors.