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Vienna Teng - Music, Geek

When a coder turns singer-songwriter, does her geekiness still show through? Resident Geek Ben Jaffe talks to Vienna Teng about her new album, Aims, and its geeky underbelly.

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Time Travel Geek Style: The Year in Review

The Tech in 2013 that will matter from here on out.

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Google's Shopping Robot Learns to Code

Chromecast, Google Privacy and bots, Sprint, T-mobile, AT&T vs net10, Yahoo! outage, Twitter’s new Crisis Alerts and more GeekSpeak news. And Learn to Code!

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Drone Hacking Warp Drives

Lyle and Brian discuss Hacking Philosophy, semi autonomous drones, Microsoft implies the government is a threat and NASA is testing an actual F.T.L. warp drive theory?