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Vegas Farming Conference Upgrades Spudger

Non-planned guest Masumi Hayashi-Smith shares some soil knowledge. We chat about theater, beer foaming, learning to code with Code.org, Firefox OS awesomeness and much more.

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Submersible Car Drones On about Skydiving, Mosquitos, & Spaaace

Get vertigo as the Geeks discuss fossilized mosquitos, water on space objects, space objects in water, cars underwater and in the air, what it looks like to plummet to earth from 9 minutes up, mapping the Materhorn, and other dizzying subjects

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Lavabit Touches Passwords with Solar-Powered CAT Scanner

Lavabit stands against the FBI, largest solar power plant goes live, cave women were the artists, and all the reasons why your passwords don’t work.

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Tesla Bristles at Flaming Plutonium Shortage

At NASA, The Problem is the Plutonium shortage. AT KUSP, it’s how best to encourage listeners to offer financial support to the station. One problem is hard to solve; the other could be easy…