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Monster Cards, Kracken, and Cracking Cases

Being silly, Java todo, Kracken video, make monster cards, fixing small tech stuff and calls from listeners.

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Deathstar Full of Banana Slugs

Bad java flaw explanation now with slugs, animated tattoos, make your own 3d printer “ink”, Facebook search, and more geeky topics of the week.

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Watson Swearing Robot Seal "Ze Bike Crank!"

New law allows Netflix to help users spam movies to FB, Ze Frank is in Santa Cruz, Watson is introduced to Urban Dictionary, Amazon lets you get mp3s from CDs you purchased, and more Geeky news from Lindsey, Ben, and Lyle.

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Hot Humans, Exoplanets and CodeSchool

Adam Fortuna from CodeSchool joins the geeks for a chat about the week in geek news, online education, programing and other geekyness.