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Gamification Ion Slime in Your Email Automagically

Hagfish Slime, Ion thrusters work, Insurance and climate change, 386 linux drop, Gamification, Email settings, Automagically annoy Miles, and more tech news with Miles and Lyle.

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Intellectual Social Property

Intellectual property attorney and friend Michael Mount returns to GeekSpeak to chat with Lyle about twitter, ownership, copyright, and work for hire.

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Be Creative - Robots, Legos, and Science Games

Author Michael Margolis, author of Make an Arduino-Controlled Robot from O’Reilly , joins Lyle and Wyatt to chat about Autonomous and Remote-Controlled Bots on Wheels, Legos, and wonderful computer games that help teach your children science.

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Mayan Calendar and No Free Privacy

The Mayan calendar is really quite geeky, learn the real details of this epic time keeping system. And is your privacy worth some money?

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Syria Denies Access to Microsoft Quick-Release Antivirus Land Mines

Syria drops off the internet, both Microsoft AV and hotel key cards get a failing grade, Google Fiber ahead of its time, and more in the Week in Geek as Lyle, Alex, and Miles answer your calls and questions about technology.