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Uranus Viewing, Algebra Packets and Metaphoric Circus Drives

New fast data transfers using algebra packets, new images of Uranus, Lyle describes hardrives using circus metaphor and more helping people with their technical calls.Uranus Viewing,

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JavaScript Everywhere

Juergen Fesslmeier, product manager for Wakanda – an open source JavaScript application framework joins the Geeks to talk about the growth and prevalence of the JavaScript language. And to promote the js Every Where Conference.

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We don't need no stinking rocket engine!

Falcon9 looses engine and still makes it to orbit, the government is listening in on your phone calls, and can keep doing so, Verizon sells your data, Amazon lists the flaws in it’s Kindle, DNA half-life = no Jurassic Park, more Geek News and calls from listeners.

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Orbiting Gold Artifacts in the Rough

5 billion-year old gold photo album, brewing beer with cheap tech, purple flare on the iPhone 5, and more in the Week in Geek.