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Science: The Party Pooper

Robots driving cars in California, Androids getting remotely wiped, vehicle dashboard fonts, and more on this special pledge drive episode of Geek Speak.

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Art History without Art, a 10 Year Old, Learning to Program, and Book Reviews

Why you shouldn’t invest in the diamond market, trigonometric games, controlling servos from smartphones, and more.

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IE doesn't even fix Eagle Beaks

Ben teased, this time about Renn Faire, Google to drop IE 8, cell phone data overcharges, and stolen hacked BMWs. These stories and your calls on this week’s episode of Geek Speak.

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Supporting women in open technology and culture

We are joined by Valerie Aurora, executive director of The Ada Initiative an organization aimed at “Supporting women in open technology and culture.”

Valerie’s recent article DEFCON: Why conference harassment matters is a call to action for the Geek community!

In the first half of the show we will cover GeekNews.

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Tarzan Swinging in the Facebook Cloud

Tricorders, Tarzan Physics, Wolfram Alpha Facebook, hover bikes, What is the Cloud? Space flights for anyone, spammers the social disease, sign language translation gloves and more GeekNews.

“Wow Spock, that’s complicated. All we ever see are bananas and an occasional coconut..”