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Astroid ePaper Pizza

Rock Paper Scissors Robot, Pizza Vending Macine Robot and non-robot stories – full episode of GeekNews with Lindsey, Miles, Ben and host Lyle.

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Big Camera, Mega Camera, 360 Camera, No Camera

Lots of talk of cameras, a very expensive Apple I, games make you smarter, water color electric sheep, and much more news of the week with Alex, Al, and Lyle.

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I can see clearly now

New Apple MacBooks are throwaway, no upgrades… but it looks so good.

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Internet TV up in Flame

Bonnie Jean Primbsch joins Miles and Lyle to talk a bit about KUSP, pledging to the station, the Flame bot net, and TV advertising both online and off.

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Banana Equivalent Dosage

Living for 3 billion years for really good reasons, how much banana is that tuna? The Geeks—Ben, Miles, Lyle, and special geek guest Joanna Bresee—cover news and answer calls.