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Superhydrophobic or Raspberry Pink Dogs

Tractor Beams, SpaceX to ISS, eyes change, security expert tricks trickers, Real Life Tony Stark, “you are more wrong then you thought you are”, and much more with Miles, Ben and Lyle.

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Bar Scene, There's an App for That

Miles and Ben do the Geek News and take the calls.

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Robutt Apocalypse

Goldilocks range around red-dwarf stars is smaller then we thought, how tides work, robot buttocks, Japan loosing population, harvest asteroids, facebook new feature that you pay for, Mayan calendar goes beyond 2012, and much more, plus calls from listeners. Steve Brenner, Ben Jaffe, and Lyle Troxell.

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Search Engins for the People

Facebook free speech and teacher usage, new search engines, global climate change activism, and more while Lyle and Miles take your calls and comments.