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Even Dead People are Against SOPA

Kepler finds Earth-sized planets, Congress is using the internet like all of us, should we use a new calendar, is your IP router IPv6 ready, and SOPA still sucks! – Ben, Lyle and Miles.

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Geeks Need a New Home

GeekSpeak needs a new server home – do you want to help? We are leaning towards [Linode|http://www.linode.com/] as our new [VPS|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virtual_private_server] host. On this episode we cover a bunch of tech news, from Black Holes to Aids Vaccines. Ben Jaffe and Alex Sleeis join Lyle Troxell via Skype.

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Messing up with Magnets, Copyright, and Siri

Lionel Peter Church joins Linsey Lonne, Miles Elam, and Lyle Troxell.

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Fire-Breathing Ponies and Climate Change

The Week in Geek: the rise of the Internet Surveillance state, Unicode for the masses, and more while Jordan, Lindsey, and Miles take your calls and comments.

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No Reason At All

Pew Research finds there’s no reason at all to learn about mobile madness malware and the rest of the “Week in Geek” news with Miles, Al and Lyle. Bonus: the triumphant return of the Crazy USB of the Week!