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Tracking Loans, License Plates, and Heat

Kiva.org for gifts that are actually loans, how ovens work, thinking about temperature around your house, pluto might have an ocean, Google has more servers then you, and may other things like your license plates are being tracked.

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I, For One, Welcome Our DNS Censor Overlords

Ionized plasmas for sterilizers, 2D game performance in browser, and some little bills called SOPA and ProtectIP.

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Exfoliate Your Facebook

Political robo-calls to your cellphone if you don’t act, Facebook is big and complex and we are all trapped, Russian Phobos to return to earth the #fail way.
Lindsey and Lyle take on the geek news of the week and take your calls.

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November 5th, Shmomember 5th!

Guest geek Katie Dutcher (Linguistics and Religious Studies major from Pomona College) joins us to help us understand how amazing 11-02-2011 actually was.