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The Questionable Science of Royal Weddings

Royal wedding news. No just kidding (sorta). Stolen camera finder, [SETI|Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence] turned off, chemistry sets without chemicals.

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Password is Bad

A quick, hour-long, discussion about passwords: Or how I learned to stop worrying and embrace the entropy.

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NASA Shuttles Retire and Robots Regret XXX AT-AT

Miles and Lindsey cover the imminent AT-AT assault, robotic regrets, and more while discussing your calls and comments.

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Black Hole Submarine Not Worth Saving

One trillion sun star death, submarine [DARPA|Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency] game, Film history of UIs, the new Commodore 64, more news and calls from our listeners about their computer woes.

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Dog DNA Kinects non-Habitable Mercury

The geeks discuss genetic testing for your dog, April Fools pranks, and pictures from Mercury. Callers bring up the Microsoft Kinect, nuclear power and ways to get Netflix on your TV. Habitable or Habitable; Lindsey and Lyle debate.