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Past Future Rain and FireFox 4

Laurel, Lindsey, Lyle and Luckow offer their opinions about the week-in-geek-news.

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Earth and Environmental Science Baby!

Dr. Christian Shorey joins us for a talk on the earth and it’s power. We also cover some geek news.

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10-Gallon Cranium Unit

Lindsey brings up a story about a robot “soldier” that will soon be called to “duty,” researchers show how to hack an off-the-shelf (?) car remotely, and a big thank you to the civil engineers around the world!

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Pledge drives don't bug me..

The Geeks intertwine tech news with the pledge drive. Bugs: causing recalls of Mazdas, Having sex in amber, enhancing their bodies with robotics. Problems with Cisco’s routers not supporting IPV6.