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Pirates vs Lasers with Translation

Our take on Egypt, lasers fighting pirates, HDMI MacBook call, Google soft censorship, portable translation software and more.

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Going Tech Potty at Solar Speeds

Geeks Ben, Al, Alex, Lindsey, and Miles take your calls and cover the Week in Geek: Solar Car Speed record, the first [HDR|High Dynamic Range] video camera, the new iPoo Android tablet, and astrology word clouds.

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What's Your Sign? (Mine is USB)

iPad Guitar, Astrology put straight, movies made entirely on the iPhone, 2010 by the numbers, everything you wanted to know about video codecs, but never cared to ask.

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Vaccinating Against 241543903 Live

Touch screens that touch back, head freezing meme, skype 3G, and much more geek news of the week.

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Happy New Year from the geeks including the unoriginally ambitious Ben.