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Holloween and Death by Invention

Al, Lindsey, Alex, and Lyle (back after two weeks) do the GeekNews of the week.

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Plastics: Recycle But Don't Inhale

Al Luckow and Miles Elam cover the Week in Geek.

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Voting by Tractor Beams

Voting machines, tractor beams, Google power… oh my! Miles, Al, and Lindsey go over geek news and take your calls.

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Privacy and Bee-Mysteries

Police GPS in my bumper, two billion is too big for criminal tagging, fine a Facebook spammer, droid droid, and much Geek News.

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Apple TV, Cheap Space, and KUSP

KUSP station manager, Terry Green, joins Al and Lyle for a pledge drive show. Al and Lyle keep the Geek News fresh and flowing.