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Air Purification and a Whole Lot of Flapping

The Geeks Lyle, Al, Ben, and Miles cover the news and take your calls.

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Diamonds, Pi, and Legos

LEGO! We chat about Google being sued for monopolistic practices with the Android OS, HUGE stellar diamonds, and how to calculate quadrillions of digits of pi. We also take a call and discuss other tech news of the week

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Half Side of the Moon

Miles, Ben and Lyle chat about the week in geek news.

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Geek Birthdays All Around

It’s a full house with Alex, Lindsey, Ben, Al, Miles, and Lyle. It’s also a birthday for Al, Alex, and GeekSpeak!

We visited the [The Penny Ice Creamery – Santa Cruz, CA|http://www.yelp.com/biz/the-penny-ice-creamery-santa-cruz] after the show and they gave away some ice cream and we gave away a bunch of cool GeekSpeak T-shirts, thanks to [ImageQuest|http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/imagequest/id354602525?mt=8] for the shirts!