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Google paying for Bugs

Government Data, Google paying people that find security bugs in chrome, 1 year anniversary of Al on GeekSpeak, Spirt Death, the iPad and much more.

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Liquid Diamonds and Cold Eyeballs

Older computers, new HTML/CSS/JavaScript stuff, and more.

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USB PSA, CC, China IE woes

New Theme song, Google and China troubles because of IE, Creative Commons (CC) of GeekSpeak, hydrogen cell phones, watch out for power outages, and what you can do about them.

And much more on this first and best and longest episode of GeekSpeak that has ever happened on January 16th 2010. And finishing it off, a live USB Public Service Announcement- tattoos.

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Lithium and Five New Planets

Al on Li, Ben excited by exoplanets, and Miles (almost) comes in late.

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Resurrecting Goats and Steel Velcro

Ben’s new year’s resolution is to disregard his new year’s resolutions. Error: boolean logic fault.