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Cellphones in Tunnels and Brain Implants

Miles, Ben and Lyle cover the news in tech.

Only half of the show was recorded, sorry folks.

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Some Radiation is Not Fun

Geeks Lyle, Al, and Miles cover the latest in shopping robots and Netflix lawsuits. Oh yeah, and cell phones don’t cause brain cancer.

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Confirmation Bias

Professor Dominic Massaro joins the Geeks to speak about how human beings are “hard wired” to confirm their biases. And what you can do about it to understand the world better.

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GeekSpeak in a Holiday Parade!

The Geeks broadcast a show live from the back of a parade truck, during the Downtown Association’s Annual Holiday Parade in Santa Cruz! Parade audience members ask questions in the second half of the show.

We’d like to extend our sincerest thanks to Eric Mack and Joe Weiss from the UCSC Theater Arts Department, for driving the truck and helping with setup. Thanks also to Chip, for helping facilitate GeekSpeak’s involvement in the parade.

What a blast!