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High-Speed Tongue Sees UFOs

The geeks chat about tech news, covering a wide variety of bizarre topics. Join us for a full hour of tech news.

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Swarming SQL Inject Robots with Cruzio

Chris Neklason and Peggy Dolgenos, founders of both local internet service provider Cruzio and of this here radio show GeekSpeak, join the geeks to chat about the growth of Cruzio and to chat a bit about ISP services.

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Drobo, Drobo, Drobo

Mark Fuccio joins us from [Data Robotics, Inc.|http://www.drobo.com/] to talk about data backups, and the [Drobo|http://www.drobo.com/] . Mark and the geeks also talk about some of the more complex ways to manage data, including RAID levels, and various Network-Attached Storage solutions.

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The Drabblecast on GeekSpeak

Norm Sherman narrated and producer of the wonderful Drabblecast join Geeks Al and Lyle and special geek guest [Jessse Wilkins|http://wilkinsconsulting.us] to chat about the [wonderful flash fiction podcast, The Drabblecast|http://web.mac.com/normsherman/Site/Podcast/Podcast.html] .

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Transparent Al and BayFed Security

Ryder, Ben, and Lyle are joined by special geek guest [Jessse Wilkins|http://wilkinsconsulting.us] to cover the week in geek news and take calls with questions and comments about technology.