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NextSpace and Helicopters

Jeremy Neuner Founder of Santa Cruz coworking environment NextSpace joins the Geeks to talk about innovation and flying helicopters.

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Cats on Facebook playing Pong with Wifi

Can a cat answer a User Agreement? What happened this time of year in Geek history, Pong 1974, Apple.com 1987 and much more.

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Valentines Day, Woz Dance and Epoch Time

Al helps with last minute Valentines Day suggestions, Lyle jabs about Geeking out on Math; epoch time, Friday the 13th, and February is divisible by 7. And much more including Woz on Dancing with the Stars, oh, and GeekNews and listener’s questions.

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Web Cams and GeekNews

Nick Cuniffe from Logitech joins the geeks for a discussion of online video chat and web cameras. We give two web cameras away, and are actually impressed by their quality.