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2008 Technology in Review

The geeks do the news and chat about the 2008 technology in review. Special guest [Dr. Dawn|http://www.jivamedia.com/askdrdawn/askdrdawn.php] joins the geeks for the first time to ask the geeks a question, which is a first for GeekSpeak! Typically, it’s the geeks asking Dr. Dawn the questions.

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Geeky Gifts and Geek News

The geeks share their gift ideas, cover the Week in Geek News, and take your calls.

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GeekSpeak Without a Safety Net (Lyle is on vacation)

Miles, Ryder, and Sean attempt to run the show without Lyle, who is on vacation this week. Join the geeks as they discuss the week in news and take calls.

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Free Cycle, Reuse Stuff

Free Cycle is a national non-profit which promotes the re-use of stuff by giving it away. Do you have something at your place that you don’t need, but someone else might want? Well try out FreeCycle, and off your stuff to people in your community.