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Charles Stross on Robots and Sci-Fi

Charles Stross’ most recent book “Saturn’s Children, a Space Opera” explores a human-lacking future society inhabited solely by emotionally complex robots. [Rick Kleffel|http://www.trashotron.com/agony/] invited Geeks Sean Cleveland and Lyle Troxell to chat with Charles Stross on KUSP’s [Talk of the Bay|http://www.kusp.org/shows/totb.html], and we thought it would make a great bonus-episode of GeekSpeak.

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Geek News & Questions from Listeners

The Geeks discuss poor Internet connectivity in rural areas, magic tricks helping user interface design, the latest Craigslist debacle, Googlepedia, and breaking the new iPhone 2.0. The geeks also take calls from listeners.

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The Ultimate CSS GeekSpeak

Tommy Olsson, co-Author of [The Ultimate CSS Reference|http://www.sitepoint.com/books/cssref1/] joins the Geeks to chat about web development. We will also cover the Week in Geek News and take your calls with questions and comments about technology.

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Jay Lake's 'Escapement' and 'Mainspring'

The Geeks speak with Jay Lake in the studio about his new book ‘Escapement’, the sequel to his hit ‘Mainspring’. These books envision a steampunk-esque alternative 19th century Earth complete with gears and a mainspring hidden at its center. You see, Lake’s universe is actually an enormous clockwork. The Geeks, joined by Rick Kleffel of The Agony Column, discuss this unique universe and the science behind it.

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William Gibson's 'Spook Country'

This episode of GeekSpeak is a re-airing of Tuesday June 10th’s episode of Talk of the Bay. Rick Kleffel hosted this discussion with William Gibson, Sean Cleveland and Lyle Troxell about Spook Country, William’s most recent book.