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Mars Ice and Portable Bikes

There are pictures of water ice on Mars, Ben has a new bike, breach notification laws are not so effective, and maybe we can stop telecom immunity.

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Kathleen Ann Goonan's 'In War Times'

The Geeks welcome Rick Kleffel to the show to discuss a handful of the latest science fiction books, including ‘In War Times’ by Kathleen Ann Goonan. Please read ‘In War Times’, and then call or email during the show to add to the discussion. Book recommendations will also be discussed.

Kathleen Ann Goonan’s ‘In War Times’ – A review of the book by Rick Kleffel

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Probing Space, Rootkits, and Supercomputers

NASA is launching a probe to the Sun and a satellite to probe the secrets of super-massive black holes outside our own galaxy. This and more including rootkit woes and supercomputers on this week’s episode of Geek Speak.

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Notary Public in a Notable Republic

The Geeks cover some news including: Firefox goes for world record, virtual strip searches, oil sucking nano paper and much more.