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Maker Faire 2008

The third annual [Maker Faire|http://makerfaire.com/] is coming to the San Mateo County Fairgrounds. It was a [blast last year|http://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/makerfaire/clusters/make-sanmateo-makemagazine/], and this one will be packed with even more. Dale Dougherty joins the Geeks to chat about Make Magazine, Craft Magazine and this wonderful faire.

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You Want My DNA To Do What?!

[DHS|Department of Homeland Security] and the finer points of neologisms like “fob,” today on Geek Speak with Ben, Miles, Alex, and Lyle.

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Tech News of the Week

GeekNews: NASA science website, 99$ Computer, College Board drops CS AP test, commercial free YouTube for politics, instant backup band, speed of hurricanes by sound, and even more news. Plus, the Geeks take calls with questions and comments about technology.

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Black Holes of Humor

Covering the Week in Geek News, the Geeks talk about speed trap detection, small and ultra small black holes, and Apple is the largest U.S. music retailer, and much more.