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The Geeks Get Skeptical

What do UFOs, Wi-Fi health concerns, and Firefox 4 have in common? The Geeks don’t think they exist. They’re fun to talk about though.

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Bridging the Digital Divide in Guatemala

Computers in the US are thrown away at an alarming rate while, in developing countries, there are not enough computers to go around. [Next Step Recycling|http://www.nextsteprecycling.org/] in Oregon is helping to change that by shipping containers full of usable computers to Guatemala where [Partners in Solidarity|http://www.partnersinsolidarity.com/] use sustainable methods to install them in schools. Reusing computers to help bridge the digital divide, on this episode of GeekSpeak.

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Pledge Drive Give Away

We will be asking for your pledges of gifts to KUSP because we know that KUSP is important to you, and, let’s face it, we need to pay the bills.

As a thank you we will be giving away gifts. During the hour of the show, just call in on the pledge line, 1 (888) 777-1507, and, even without a pledge, you can put your name in the hat for a free [USB|Universal Serial Bus] 2.0 DVD burner or an internal Blu-Ray player.

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Blu-Ray DVD Won!

Now that HD-DVD is dead, is it time to get a Blu-Ray player for you home, or for your computer? Find out with the Geeks during a detailed discussion with Robert DeMoulin from Sony Electronics.

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Ridesharing Social Application

[Yatrips|http://www.yatrips.com/] provides a way for people to easily find and offer car rides. The more people ride-share the more gas is saved and the less traffic on the roads. Learn about social applications and ride-sharing with the Geeks and the guys from Yatrips.