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Tech for 2008

The geeks share their thoughts on upcoming technology. Plus Week in Geek News and listeners questions and comments on technology.

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Gifts for Geeks

Gift ideas for geeks delivered by the Geeks. Plus the Week in Geek News and a caller question or two.

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Making Things Talk

The Geeks talk with [Tom Igoe|http://tigoe.net/] of [NYU|New York University]’s [Interactive Telecommunications Program|http://tigoe.net/pcomp/] about his new book, Making Things Talk. Tom shares his knowledge of device communication through simple projects that anyone can do. Learn how to get your electronic creations talking in fun and interesting ways.

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High Tech Dentistry

Henry Ramirez D.D.S. joins the Geeks for a discussion on the high tech of dentistry.

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Comcast and Leopard on Rails

The Geeks dump on Comcast, Apple’s Leopard dumps on the Geeks, and the BBC dumps Ruby.