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Making Noises With Laptops

From making lightsaber noises with your laptop to data recovery to e-voting lawsuits, the Geeks keep you up to date on the week’s news and take your computing questions.

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Power Issues: Government, Monitors, and Laptops

The Geeks talk about phantom power draws, monitors that take no power in standby, Obama promises a CTO, and Lyle orders a laptop from the One Laptop Per Child project. These stories and more while we take your calls and comments.

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Did You Get My Message? Can You Understand Me?

From cell phone blockers to Babelfish’s understanding blockers… er… translation software, the Geeks discuss the news, take your calls, and issue mea culpas for bad advice.

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Drew Works for Who?

DARPA robot cars, Blockbuster vs. Netflix, Apple’s Firewall not so wally, Wikipidia as homework, NAS vs SAN, and more stuff Drew knows about.