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Radio Power, Wind Power, and Voting Power

The Geeks discuss radio transmission including potential health effects, wind power combined with magnetics to reduce friction, and a new look at electronic voting in California. Lyle, Sean, Miles, and Ryder explore these and other issues while they take your calls.

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Checkers Game Solved and Linked In

Comic book store in San Jose; database of all possible checkers moves makes a computer unbeatable; Google vs cell phone industry; 25 year computer virus anniversary; next version of Windows is “Seven”, with a three year development cycle; Sean Cleveland on Vista, DirectX 10 coolness and Intel Processor updates; One Laptop Per Child content filtering; — all just some of what we talked about on this diverse episode.

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Connectivity Issues: from 0 to 40gbps

Fastest home connection at 40gbps, noncommittal tattoos and much more with geeks Ryder Brooks, Miles Elam and host Lyle Troxell.

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Energy Woes for Cars, iPhones, and Rovers

‘Hot fuel’ for cars, soldered batteries for iPhones, and scary storms are making energy harder and harder to manage. Sean, Miles, Drew, and Alex tackle these and other issues today on Geek Speak.