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Sony Blu-ray Technology

The Geeks discuss [Blu-ray|http://www.sonypictures.com/homevideo/bluray/] technology with Robert C. DeMoulin of Sony Electronics. Blu-ray is the next generation format for optical drives that uses blue laser instead of the red laser or infrared used by DVD and CD. Blu-ray provides storage capacity that surpasses DVD and CD, allowing for higher quality video and audio.

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Where's my Flying Car?

Chatting briefly about stagnation and frustration with technology, the Geeks do a friendly and engaging episode of GeekSpeak.

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HD Radio, Digital Drive

KUSP is raising money for a digital conversion to support the [HD Radio|http://www.hdradioalliance.com/] standard. The Geeks discuss the inner-workings of HD Radio with Station Manager Terry Green and how KUSP/KBDH will upgrade the “air chain”. The Geeks also discuss the Week in Geek news, and take listener comments and questions about technology.