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Using Vista and Traffic Video Ownership

The Geeks are finally using Vista, and it’s not really that bad! This week: New Jersey sues YouTube, integrated car navigation vs. handheld GPS, and much more with Geeks Sean, Miles, Ryder and host Lyle.

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Icy Hot Slow Broadband

The Geeks discuss the news and talk tech. This Week: Broadband may not be tallied by zip code anymore, while the term Broadband may soon be changed to encompass 2 Megabits or faster speeds. Oh, astronomers have discovered ice that is 300 degrees Celsius! These stories and more brought to you by Geeks Lyle, Miles, Ryder, and Alex (off-air).

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Maker Faire

[Dale Dougherty|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dale_Dougherty] Editor and Publisher of [Make Magazine|http://www.makezine.com/] by O’Reilly Media joins the Geeks to talk about their upcoming [Maker Faire|http://makerfaire.com/] .

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Genetic Engineering: Evaluating the Situation

The Geeks welcome Michelle Marvier, published and noted research scientist and Associate Professor of the Environmental Studies Institute and Department of Biology at Santa Clara University. Should vaccines be delivered to children in bananas? Join us to learn more!