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Where's the Memory Controller?

Intel’s upcoming processors, nano-meters are small, Samsung 64GB solid state drive, Boston Space Marathon, one laptop for Miles, and calls, calls, calls.

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Maximizing Games with YouGamers

The Geeks welcome Nick Evanson, Editor-in-Chief of [YouGamers|http://www.yougamers.com/], a professional online publication backed by [Futuremark|http://www.futuremark.com/] and a team of editors that tackle PC games in a distinctive and interesting way by examining how the look, feel and performance of a game scales across wide ranges of PC hardware setups. In fact, they’ve built a tool called Game-O-Meter that determines exactly how well your hardware will actually play a game!

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Pledging the Good Fight

It’s a full house as Geeks Sean Cleveland, Miles Elam, Josh Weiss, Dedi Hubbard, Drew Meyer, and Alex Sleeis cover the week’s events while pledging for KUSP.

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Encyclopedias Battling Liberal Bias

A conservative online encyclopedia, an OS on a BIOS, flash-augmented hard drives, and more discussed by Sean, Miles and Lyle. During the second half the geeks take your calls.

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IDC Consumer Internet Market Space

The Geeks welcome Karsten Weide, Program Director, Digital Media & Entertainment, at IDC Research. Karsten writes analyses about the consumer Internet space and also serves as IDC’s expert on the intersection of new media and the digital marketplace. The Geek’s discuss his report called “[The State of the Consumer Digital Marketplace|http://www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp?containerId=205673],” which happens to be a topic that Geeks are quite interested in.