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The Naked Desk

Author and life coach Sue Brenner joins the Geeks for a discussion about her new new book, The [Naked Desk: Everything you need to strip away clutter, save time, & get things done|http://www.amazon.com/dp/0978973003?tag=wwwactionsymp-20&camp=15041&creative=373501&link_code=as3].

Organization problems and solutions; what makes your life flow?

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Bad People Use (Your) Computers

Week in Geek News, calls with questions of technology. Another classic free-for-all of GeekSpeak.

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Space, Security, and Pirates

Special Guest Geek Scott Crowe joins us for news about Pirate Bay, comets, business successes and calls from our loyal fan base.

Links to free antivirus programs, the Windows narrator, Comet McNaught and music download services

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Bit Killing Cosmic Rays

Lots of product releases are hitting the wire right in time for [CES|Consumer Electronics Show] and Mac World shows. We will cover the interesting stuff and give you the meaning behind the buzz.