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2007 Predictions and Robot Deer Take-Over

The Geeks look at the technology that will help to define 2007 and cover some of the Week-in-Geek news: [AACS|Advanced Access Content System] cracked, $1000 HDVD Drive available, gmail loosing email, and Robot Deer take-over.

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2006: The Good, the Bad, and the Geeky

It’s a full house with geeks Lyle Troxell, Sean Cleveland, John Tracy, Miles Elam, Dedi Hubbard, Drew Meyer, and Alex Sleeis discussing the best and worst tech of 2006.

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Photoshop CS3, Gaming Rapture, and Wireless Power

“Left Behind: Eternal Conflict”, a conservative Christian violent video game, is being sold at Walmart under protest. Photoshop 10 CS3 Beta was released last night. Devices that are powered without wires or batteries. Miles, Sean, Drew, and Lyle cover the Week-In-Geek news segment and take your calls.

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Firefox, Windows, and Optical Drive Rantings

Solar cells break the efficiency record, $100 laptops cost $1000, criminals recruit programming students, and the Danish call bunk on cell phone-linked cancer. The Geeks help callers with Firefox crashing, speeding up Windows XP, determining the amount of virus and spyware protection, OS X migration, and wiring a network.

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Inside the Machine with Jon Stokes

Jon “Hannibal” Stokes, co-founder and Senior CPU Editor of [Ars Technica|http://arstechnica.com/] explains what microprocessors do and how they do it in the new book [Inside the Machine|http://nostarch.com/frameset.php?startat=insidemachine]: An Illustrated Introduction to Microprocessors and Computer Architecture.