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Bright, Shiny, and New

Geeks Lyle Troxell, Miles Elam, and Sean Cleveland along with special guest geek Alex Sleeis take your calls and discuss various exciting new products released this week.

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Solar Mike and Zombies Are Among Us

[Solar Mike|http://solarmike.net/] joins The Geeks in a discussion on the latest from the solar power field. Also, the zombies — zombie PCs — are here in force, and they’re harder to find than ever before. IE version 7 on the other hand is much easier to find. Find out more about these and other stories on today’s episode of Geek Speak.

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Spam, Solar, and Laptops for Kids

Geeks Lyle Troxell, Sean Cleveland, Drew Meyer, and Miles Elam take your calls and talk about the week’s geek news.

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The Real and Imaginary History of Algebra

What is Algebra good for? Teachers claim students need it for critical thinking and logic skills. Biologists, economists, scientists, engineers, and chemists claim they actually use it—daily. Construction workers claim that higher math is used to calculate angles, to determine the amount of wood required in a project and the volume of cement to be used. Really? Just what is Algebra, where did it come from, and how often is it used by mere mortals?

John Derbyshire, mathematician, linguist, and celebrated author joins the Geeks for a discussion about his new book [Unknown Quantity, A Real And Imaginary History of Algebra|http://www.amazon.com/Quantity-Real-Imaginary-History-Algebra/dp/030909657X].