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GeekNews and You

The Geeks cover some news (Tech Law, SketchUp free, Digital Festival, USB Drives, Wii, Seagate 750GB, Apple camera-display) and take calls with questions and comments about technology.

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ThinkFree Online

The Geeks meet with Jonathan Crow, director of marketing for ThinkFree, Inc. [ThinkFree Online|http://online.thinkfree.com/] is an Internet-based office productivity suite that blends Microsoft Office with the Internet. It is comprised of three applications—ThinkFree Write for word processing, ThinkFree Calc for spreadsheet management and ThinkFree Show for creating presentations—and is targeted at families, students and business professionals. Join the Geeks as they discuss a new way of opening, editing, and creating Office documents with ThinkFree Online.

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MC Squared Computers

When your computer is broken and your 9-year-old guru is gone at computer camp, what are you to do? Find a reputable repair shop and cross your fingers! This week on GeekSpeak, the geeks are joined by Timothy P. Marshall, president and [CEO|Chief Executive Officer] of [MC Squared Computers|http://www.mcsquared.org], an Apple and Windows authorized service center located in Soquel, CA., to discuss computer repair.

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iD Tech Camps - Summer Camp for Junior Geeks

[iD Tech Camps|http://www.internaldrive.com] offers a wide range of programs through its summer Computer Camp for kids ages 7-17. In their own words, “it is the mission of iD Tech Camps to deliver the finest technology instruction, delivered in a summer camp setting and held at prestigious universities, ultimately igniting the internalDrive in today’s young minds.” Karen Thurm Safran, Vice President of Marketing for iD Tech Camps, joins the geeks to discuss this year’s exciting summer extravaganza.

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GeekSpeak Tips & Tricks

Listener, do you desire electronic enlightenment? Do you wish to know the most intimate hard and soft parts of your computer? Gain adoration, wealth and power as you conquer the confusion, decimate the digital dichotomies and vanquish the villains of Windows, Macintosh, and Linux systems. Listen to the Geeks and become imbued with pure and potent knowledge. Master the secrets and complexities of that mysterious electronic box. Witness digital wonders. Amaze your friends with astounding feats. Listen to the Geeks today!