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GeekNews: Intel new Logo, 2005 days of vulnerability – browser vs browser, cyber-crime vs drugs, 2005 Americans data comprimised, HD-DVD vs BlueRay, virus protection vulnerability, Sony XPC CDs exchange, ePaper.Geek Call-In: LCDs on Cameras, locking-up MS XP, heat problems, portable recorders (iPod, Marentz, iRiver and MyRiver), Safari vs others, dial-up accelerators, new laptop, and more.

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Nyko and Geek Gifts

’Tis the season to buy techy toys for geeky girls and boys. This episode of GeekSpeak, the geeks discuss their technical desires, and invite Susan Corben of Nyko Technologies to help us get a feel for the way companies look at geeks like us — the technically savvy consumer. Throw in some GeekNews, some holiday cheer, some questions and comments from you — our listeners — and you have this episode of GeekSpeak.

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Mac OS X Tiger in a Nutshell

In March of 2001 Apple introduced OS X to widespread acclaim. This Unix-based operating system has
brought new “geeky” users over to Apple’s offerings.
Andy Lester, author of Mac OS X Tiger, in a Nutshell, from O’REILLY, joins the geeks for a technical inspection of Apple’s OS X and why it has become so widespread among Geeks.

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Meet a Geek: Michael McKey

This week on GeekSpeak we are speaking with Michael McKay, a programer, father and social aware Geek. Michael’s expertise and interest include Security Encryption and social issues about Digital Rights Management. Durring the second half of the show we will take your calls or emails with questions and comments.

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Meet a Geek: Daniel Wang

For our first installment of “Meet-a-Geek”, Daniel Wang, Programer and partner at the startup Rasmal Research, joins Miles and Lyle for a geeky reunion and to help take calls from listeners.