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Future Media

Some estimates say that 15,000 audio pod casts exists today, including around 1000 video podcasts.
On october 12th Apple released an enhanced iPod that supports video and comes in black. "Taylor Barcroft ":http://FutureMedia.org joins the Geeks for a discussion on video podcasting and the future of media.

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Role-Playing Games

Durring this pledge drive show, gamers Matt Widener and Derrick Psaros join the Geeks to talk a bit about the history of role-playing games like D&D. Learn about the wonderous world of dice throwing on GeekSpeak.

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Gordon Mah Ung of Maximum PC Magazine

This week, the geeks discuss tech with Gordon Mah Ung, Senior Editor of
Maximum PC magazine.
Maximum PC is the ultimate upgrade magazine for savvy PC owners. Every
issue is packed with breaking news, tons of tips and techniques, and some of
the most in-depth reviews and articles in the industry.

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Next-Generation Internet Phone Technologies

NetVelocite makes

Internet phone calls easy. So easy in fact, you don’t need headphones
or even a computer to make them! What are the benefits? Low rates and premium
features including voice mail (with direct and web access), three-way
calling, Caller ID, Call Waiting—and most importantly—the ability to use your existing
phone number. Greg Troxell, CEO of NetVelocite, joins the Geeks as
they discuss Voice Over IP (VOIP) and next-generation voice network
technologies that are allowing people to make Internet-based calls using
standard telephones with special broadband adapters.