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The Geeks talk with Jeffery Smedberg of the Santa Cruz Public Works Department
about community resources and responsible manufactures (and how to get in contact with
them) for e-waste management, recycling, and reuse.

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Teeth Geek

Henry Ramirez D.D.S. joins the Geeks for an in depth discussion of the current high tech of teeth technology.

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General Geek

In this episode of GeekSpeak the Geeks do a bit of GeekNews, talk about anniversaries and take listener calls. Geeks this week: Drew Meyer, Miles Elam, Sean Cleveland and host Lyle Troxell.
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CarShare, commute solutions

Paul McGrath creator of CarShare.biz joins the geeks for a discussion on company specific carpooling with incentives for participation. Learn how you can better your commute. The Geeks also do some GeekNews and answer calls and emails from listeners.

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SPAM Fighting, Greylisting

Evan Harris author of The Next Step in the Spam Control War: Greylisting joins the Geeks for a discussion on fighting SPAM. Geeks Sean, Miles, Drew and host Lyle.